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Đồng hồ vạn năng KYORITSU 1061, K1061 (True RMS)

Giá: 9.400.000đ
Đặt hàng

Thông số kỹ thuật:

Chế độ : True RMS
DC V : 50.000/500.00/2400.0mV/5.0000/50.000/500.00/1000.0V
AC V : [RMS] 50.000/500.00mV/5.0000/50.000/500.00/1000.0V
DCV+ACV : 5.0000/50.000/500.00/1000.0V
DC A : 500.00/5000.0µA/50.000/500.00mA/5.0000/10.000A
AC A[RMS]  :500.00/5000.0µA/50.000/500.00mA/5.0000/10.000A        
DCA+ACA  : 500.00/5000.0µA/50.000/500.00mA/5.0000/10.000A        
Ω : 500.00Ω/5.0000/50.000/500.00kΩ/5.0000/50.000MΩ        
Continuity buzzer     : 500.0Ω    
Diode test : 2.4V               
C: 5.000/50.00/500.0nF/5.000/50.00/500.0µF/5.000/50.00mF
F: 2.000~9.999/9.00~99.99/90.0~999.9Hz/0.900~9.999/9.00~99.99kHz
Nhiệt độ : -200~1372ºC (K-type )        
Chức năng khác : Data Hold (D/H), Auto Hold (A/H), Peak Hold * (P/H), Range Hold (R/H), Maximum value (MAX), Minimum value (MIN), Average value (AVG), Zero Adjustment (Capacitor, Resistance), Relative values, Save to Memory, LCD backlight        
Nguồn : R6P (1.5V)×4       
Kích thước : 192(L)×90(W)×49(D) mm        
Cân nặng     : 560g    
Nguồn :      LR44 (1.5V) × 2
Kích thước :192(L)×90(W)×49(D) mm
Khối lượng : 560g
Phụ kiện : Vỏ, Pin, HDSD
Bảo hành : 12 tháng
Hãng sản xuất : Kyoritsu - Nhật
Xuất xứ : Nhật Bản

High Accuracy, High Performance and Reliable Measurements
0.02% basic DC accuracy
Large display with 50,000 counts
Dual display for double indication for AC and DC, V and Hz, etc.
True-RMS Measurements AC and AC+DC
Wide AC Frequency bandwidth from 10Hz to 100kHz *
True-RMS or MEAN value detection mode can be selected *
Fast Peak Hold response time of 250µs
Low-pass filter for motor drive measurements *
Low Power Ω for resistance measurements on sensible electronic circuits by a low and safe test current *
User calibration function
* Only for KEW 1062

(Photo: 1062)
Safety design for industrial use
Complies with IEC 61010-1 CAT.III 1000V, CAT.IV 600V
Terminal shutter to prevent incorrect test leads' insertion in current terminals
Very wide operating temperature range from -20 to 55ºC
Reliable support for data management
Large data internal memory
  KEW 1062: 10,000 data (logging), 100 data (manual)
  KEW 1061: 1,000 data (logging), 100 data (manual)
Download data and Live Monitoring on a PC via the USB interface
(Option for USB Communication set)


  KEW 1061 KEW 1062
Detection mode RMS MEAN/RMS (switch)
DC V 50.000/500.00/2400.0mV/5.0000/50.000/500.00/1000.0V
(Input impedance: Approx. 100MΩ [50/500/2400mV], 10MΩ [5/50/500/1000V])

|±0.02%rdg±2dgt (Basic accuracy)
(Input impedance: 11MΩ<50pF [50/500mV/5V], 10MΩ<50pF [50/500/1000V])
|±0.7%rdg±30dgt (Basic accuracy) |±0.4%rdg±30dgt (Basic accuracy)
[MEAN] *
-- 50.000/500.00mV/ 5.0000/50.000/500.00/1000.0V
(Input impedance:
11MΩ<50pF [50/500mV/5V],
10MΩ<50pF [50/500/1000V])

|±1%rdg±30dgt (Basic accuracy)
DCV+ACV 5.0000/50.000/500.00/1000.0V
(Input impedance: 11MΩ<50pF [5V], 10MΩ<50pF [50/500/1000V])
|±1%rdg±10dgt (Basic accuracy) |±0.5%rdg±10dgt (Basic accuracy)
DC A 500.00/5000.0µA/50.000/500.00mA/5.0000/10.000A

|±0.2%rdg±5dgt (Basic accuracy)
|±1%rdg±20dgt (Basic accuracy) |±0.75%rdg±20dgt
|(Basic accuracy)
[MEAN] *
-- 500.00/5000.0µA/50.000/500.00mA/ 5.0000/10.000A

|±1.5%rdg±20dgt (Basic accuracy)
DCA+ACA 500.00/5000.0µA/50.000/500.00mA/5.0000/10.000A
|±1.5%rdg±10dgt (Basic accuracy) |±1%rdg±10dgt (Basic accuracy)
Ω 500.00Ω/5.0000/50.000/500.00kΩ/5.0000/50.000MΩ
|±0.1%rdg±2dgt (Basic accuracy) |±0.05%rdg±2dgt (Basic accuracy)
LowPower-Ω * -- 5.000/50.00/500.0kΩ/5.000MΩ

|±0.2%rdg±3dgt (Basic accuracy)
Continuity buzzer 500.0Ω (The buzzer turns on for resistances lower than 100±50Ω)
Diode test 2.4000V|±1%rdg±2dgt
Open curcuit voltage: <5V (Approx. 0.5mA Measuring Current)
Capacitance 5.000/50.00/500.0nF/5.000/50.00/500.0µF/5.000/50.00mF

|±1%rdg±5dgt (Basic accuracy)
Frequency 2.000~9.999/9.00~99.99/90.0~999.9Hz/0.900~9.999/9.00~99.99kHz

|±0.02%rdg±1dgt (Basic accuracy)
DUTY 10~90%|±1%rdg
Temperature -200~1372ºC|±1%rdg±1.5ºC
(with the use of K-type Temperature probe)
DC Voltage, AC Voltage, DC Current, AC Current, Resistance, Frequency, Temperature, Capacitor, Duty cycle ratio, Decibel (dBV, dBm), Continuity Check, Diode Test, LowPower-Ω *
Other functions Data Hold (D/H), Auto Hold (A/H), Peak Hold * (P/H), Range Hold (R/H), Maximum value (MAX), Minimum value (MIN), Average value (AVG), Zero Adjustment (Capacitor, Resistance), Relative values, Save to Memory, LCD backlight
Withstand voltage 6,880V/5 sec.
IEC 61010-1 CAT.IV 600V, CAT.III 1000V Pollution degree 2,
IEC 61010-031, IEC 61326-1 (EMC)
Power source R6P (1.5V)×4 (Auto power off: approx. 20 minutes)
Dimensions 192(L)×90(W)×49(D) mm
Weight Approx. 560g (including batteries)
Accessories 7220A (Test leads), R6P×4, Instruction manual,
8926 (Fuse [440mA/1000V])×1 (included)
8927 (Fuse [10A/1000V])×1 (included)


Description Model Specification
Alligator Clip 7234 CAT.IV 600V, CAT.III 1000V
AC/DC Clamp Sensor 8115 AC 130A/DC 180A
USB Communication set 8241 USB adaptor + USB cable + DMM Software
DMM Printer full set 8249 8243 + 8246 + 8248
Printer Communication set 8243 Printer Adapter + RS232 cable
Printer 8246 Printer + Thermal paper (1 roll)
AC adapter for printer [EU] 8248 AC230V±10%
Thermal paper for printer 8247 10 rolls
Temperature probes 8405 Max. 500ºC
(Surface type, Point material: Ceramic)
8406 Max. 500ºC (Surface type)
8407 Max. 700ºC (Liquid, Semi-solid)
8408 Max. 600ºC (Air, Gas)
Carrying case 9154 for the main unit with testi leads and communication cable