Máy đo khoảng cách bằng laser, PCE- Anh, PCE-LRF600

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Thống số kỹ thuật:

Hãng sản xuất: PCE- Anh

Bảo hành: 12 Tháng

Khoảng cách đo: từ 15m …. 600m

Độ chính xác: ±1m / ±0.1%

Zoom: 6x

Đường kính ống ngắm: 24mm

Tầm nhìn của ống kính: 122m (at 1000m)

Loại laser: class 1

Vật liệu: nhựa ABS

Nguồn: CR-2 watch battery

Kích thước: 39 x 110 x 69mm

Trọng lượng: 165g (cả Pin)


 Optical Distance Meter PCE-LRF 600

The PCE-LRF 600 optical distance meter measures accuratelly the distances of objects viewed in its lens. This distance meter comes with a safe laser and 6 x zoom. The PCE-LRF 600 optical distance meter brings together technical components of the highest quality and meets the highest requirements. It is designed for an easy handling in compliance with the customer’s needs. To make an observation, free of oscillation, the device will require a certain amount of stability to make an accurate measurement. It is not necessary to use two hands in order to measure – it can be done with a simple adjustment and by holding the device in only one hand.

The PCE-LRF 600 optical distance meter allows to take quick measurements at less than 600 m. distance The distance meter is easy to use as it weighs only 165 g, therefore making it a compact device and easy to transport. A selection of optical distance meters can be found here.

 – Ideal for agriculture, forestry, sports, free time,     climate, traffic, architecture, construction,             archeology, navigation, etc. 

 – Easy to use

 – Protection against water splash

 – Very light 

 – No keypad

 – Measures distances in almost any weather           conditions

 – Class I laser

PCE-LRF 600 optical distance meter 

PCE-LRF 600 optical distance meter

View or print the user manual

 user manual for the PCE-LRF 600 optical distance meter

Technical specifications:
Range of measurement 15 m to 600 m
Accuracy ±1m/±0.1%
Zoom 6 x
Lens diameter 24 mm
Field of vision of the lens 122 m (at 1000 m)
Useable by people wearing glasses yes
Type of laser class I
Enclosure ABS plastic
Power CR-2 watch battery
Dimensions 39 x 110 x 69 mm
Weight 165 g (including battery)
Ingress protection IP 54
Examples of use of the PCE-LRF 600 optical distance meter
optical distance meter used for hunting

Here we can see the optical distance meter being used for hunting, quickly determining the distance of the object.
measuring the distance of buildings

Quickly and accurately measuring the distance of buildings with the PCE-LRF 600 optical distance meter.
measuring distance at sea in cloud cover

Optical distance meters can also be used at the seas, making distance measurements in cloudy conditions.
it has a range of up to 600 m

The optical distance meter has a range for measuring objects at a distance of up to 600 m.

The optical distance meter can be adjusted to suit the visual needs of each user and can be used by people who wear glasses. Due to the fact that it is light and compact, it can be used outside without any problems. It is a quiet device that is protected from water splash.

Stability during a measurement is a very important element. To eliminate the many fluctuations that can occur when measuring wide angles, it is important to keep the distance meter very still. Considering the short time required for measuring, this is a very important aspect. If the device is fixed to a tripod or placed on the roof of a car, then greater distances can be measured. If the measured distance becomes longer, more influence vibrations or movements will appear. If you follow this link, you will find a selection of optical distance meters for construction and architecture.

Delivery content:

1 x PCE-LRF 600 optical distance meter, 1 x battery and user manual.


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